Your Fellow Interpreters – Creativity and Artistic Expression

Your Fellow Interpreters – Creativity and Artistic Expression





Hosanna Cartoon - July Wk 1

UMHS Spanish Interpreter Hosanna Vivas, born and raised in Venezuela, decided 7 years ago to move to the US. Hosanna studied at the Central University of Venezuela and has a Medical Doctor degree and Sex Therapist major (but does not have a license to work here).

She started working at UMHS in 2009 and spent 1 year as a Medical Assistant and the past 3 years as a medical interpreter. Since at first Hosanna was better able to understand medical terminology than regular conversations in English, she decided to apply for a position as a Medical Interpreter. Medicine is a field that she knows very well and it provides a sense of familiarity and security.

Hosanna enjoys working with Interpreter Services and finds inspiration in colleagues of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds working together to help people.

When she’s not working, Hosanna enjoys spending time with her daughter. She also creates some incredibly artistic pieces. She likes to draw, make jewelry, work with metal, restore furniture, read, take walks, and try out new and innovative recipes. “I am never bored!” she says, “I have lots of hobbies and interests to keep me busy.”

Hosanna has loved to draw since she was 4 or 5 years old. “Cartoons are amazing because they allow you not just make a good drawing but also expose a raw reality.” Last year, Hosanna illustrated 5 fairy tale books for a local writer. All of them can be found at the author’s website if you want to check out some of her work.


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