The Team

The Team

As a manager, I am constantly impressed by our Interpreter’s dedication to their work but, this past Memorial Day weekend, I was blown away by a special group of Interpreters.

One phrase word summed up this group: The Team, The Team, The Team. Simply amazing teamwork practiced by all. Our Deaf Access Team had a crazy week leading up to the Memorial Day weekend. They prepared for the weekend by determining interpreter needs for our inpatients and setting up backup Interpreters “just in case”. Emergency room, new admits, and medical complications just kept rolling in all weekend. In all my years here, I have never seen such a weekend for any language group.

This group of Interpreters had incredible communication amongst themselves. Everyone took on a leadership role when needed. The backup interpreters had backups. The support and positive reinforcement each Interpreter had for one another continued throughout the entire weekend.

One interpreter commented: “. . .still amazed and impressed with how everyone managed to cope with such a torrent of work….cooperation and professionalism in the highest! Brava ladies, brava. . .”

I couldn’t have said it better. These Interpreters probably went through more in one weekend than they have in six months of interpreting. I am so proud of how they conducted themselves. They were efficient, flexible, effective, responsive, empowered . . .

The positive and supportive camaraderie of the Deaf Access team should serve as a role model to other teams. Thank you for everything you did this past holiday weekend and for what you do every day for deaf and hard-of-hearing patients and their families. You embody the Michigan Difference.


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