New Skill Development

UMich Taubman Center staff artwork

New Skill Development

I recently found out that our department has decided to encourage us to learn a new skill, and I think it’s a great opportunity because, sometimes, we need that little push.

Can you imagine if Beethoven had never tried to learn how to play the piano, or if Van Gogh had never grabbed a white canvas and tried to paint something on it? If you had never decided to learn a second language, maybe you wouldn’t be reading this or doing what you do. Learning a new skill, both personally and professionally, is something that we should always have as a goal. It’s nice to be encouraged at work, but either way, we should do it because that’s a great way to grow, and learn more about ourselves.

The South Lobby of the Taubman Center is currently exhibiting work from Michigan Medicine staff, and that’s the perfect example of learning new skills. The exhibition displays pieces done with different techniques, but all of them have a thing in common – they were created by a healthcare worker. I call this ‘adding dashes to our titles’. The nurse/gymnast/painter; the ophthalmologist/biker/illustrator; the interpreter/cook/photographer; well, you get the point. You’ll be surprised by how many things you are good at, and how much more you can learn, and find out you love.

One of the other things that I always wanted to learn, was to do magic. So, for my next trick, I’m going to disappear my habit of procrastination, and learn a new skill.

UMich Taubman Center staff artworkUMich Taubman Center staff artworkUMich Taubman Center staff artwork


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