Leslie Pertz

  • Job Title: ASL/English Interpreter; Social Worker
  • Education: MSW, Michigan State University; Sign Language Interpreter Certificate, Lansing Community College; BA Psychology, Central Michigan University
  • Certifications: LMSW, NIC
  • Language: English


Leslie Pertz, LMSW, NIC has worked since 2002 as an ASL/English interpreter, and since 2011 as a clinical social worker, currently working in three fast-paced out-patient clinics at UMHS serving patients from birth to end-of-life. Leslie’s interpreting practice includes post-secondary interpreting, with experience in Ph.D programs and medical school, and interpreting in various mental health settings including in-patient facilities, psychotherapy for adults and families, and extensive experience interpreting in recovery and 12-step programs. Leslie’s education experience started with an adjunct faculty position at Lansing Community College. She has continued her love of mentoring other professionals through preceptorships and presentations at the institutional, local, state, and national levels. A dynamic and entertaining educator, Leslie now works to bring her knowledge as a psychotherapist, and a mindfulness practitioner, to improve the profession of interpreting and to constantly work to be a better ally to the Deaf community.


Interpreting in Mental Health

Mindfulness for Interpreters

Mindfulness Ethics

Interpreting in Psychotherapy