Christa Moran

  • Job Title: Supervisor, ASL Lead Interpreter
  • Education: NIC, MEd in Special Education/Deaf Education from the University of Minnesota
  • Certifications: Bridging the Gap instructor
  • Language: English, ASL


Christa Moran is a full time ASL Medical Interpreter, a supervising staff Interpreter, and coordinator of the Medical Interpreter Training Academy (MITA) at Interpreter Services at Michigan Medicine. She has a BA from the University of Michigan, a post baccalaureate degree in education from Eastern Michigan University, and a Masters Degree in Special Education/Deaf Education Certification graduating summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota. Christa completed her interpreter training at Lansing Community College.

Christa trains both sign language and spoken language Medical Interpreters and has presented workshops on the local, state, and national levels. She is a licensed Trainer of Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training Program through The Cross Cultural Communication Healthcare Program. She also has developed and runs trainings for physicians, nurses, medical, and nursing students in strategies for teaming with Interpreters. 

Christa has trained extensively with Nigel Howard and was instrumental in bringing bedside videophones to patients and their families (first in the nation) as well as establishing the state of Michigan’s first hospital 24-hour sign language on‐call program. She works with Dr. Michael McKee, MD, UMHS Family Medicine, to provide the Deaf Health Talks series to Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients across Michigan.

Christa is a member of the University of Michigan Disability Council where she champions accessibility and ADA compliance for Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients and their families both at the Michigan Medicine Hospitals and Clinics, and throughout the University of Michigan campus as well.

Christa combines her interpreting and teaching experiences through the many workshops and curricula she has developed. She shares her extensive knowledge and passion for the field through her exciting, engaging presentations and workshops.


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Bridging the Gap

Interpreting in Palliative Care

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Ethics Workshop

Advanced Medical Interpreting – Preparing to Work in Complex Medical Situations