American Translators Association Conference Presentation Summary

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American Translators Association Conference Presentation Summary

“The Secrets of Marketing Your Services to Healthcare Clients,” in which we discussed some of the challenges we have encountered as Translation Division coordinators over the past few years, and the strategies we came up with to deal with these challenges. Topics included our bilingual translated document format, the role of translation in risk mitigation and patient compliance, collaboration with other departments in the health system, and professional liability insurance for freelancers. Our presentation also included a group problem-solving discussion, and we heard some interesting ideas that we might be able to use at UMHS! We received very positive feedback from the audience after the presentation, and people were quite impressed with the Interpreter Services Program.

For the rest of the conference, we spent our time listening to other speakers, visiting vendor booths, learning about the latest translation technology, and recruiting potential freelance translators to help fill demand when our own translators are kept busy with interpreting responsibilities. We also signed up for e-conference access, so be on the look out for showings of some of the more interesting and useful conference sessions! Despite its name, in recent years the American Translator’s Association has grown to include many interpreters as well, so the conference sessions will be of interest to both interpreters and translators.

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